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How to Become a Web Designer

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With the internet being a major part of everyday life, there has been a boom in the number of people looking to become web designers as well as an increase in demand for their services. 

A web designer is responsible for creating the visual elements of a website and coding so that it can be accessed via the internet.

Qualifications to become a web designer

There are no particular qualifications to be a web designer, but there are plenty of different courses available to those who would like to learn the skills they need to set themselves up in business. You can study around your existing commitments, either at evening classes or even online. There are plenty of resources available to those who want to hone their skills and it can be easier to master a particular skill by actually doing it. 

There are two main programming languages that you will want to know: HTML and CSS. Just sitting down for a few hours and trying your hand at coding could be enough to enable you to put together a simple website. To start producing more advanced sites you’ll need to learn more about graphic design and a few other programming languages such as PHP and JavaScript. One of the best things about getting started in web development is that you can create sites yourself which you can then use as a portfolio of your skills without needing to have any clients to begin with. If you already have a full time job, then you can work around that until you have enough work to make your freelancing profitable.

The benefits of becoming a freelance web designer

With the majority of people having access to a computer and the internet, there is more and more demand for services which allow people to have an online presence. Demand for those who can put together attractive and effective websites is on the increase and this is unlikely to change in the near future. 

As a freelancer you are in far greater control of your career than if you were to go down the employed route and work for an agency. Some of the main benefits of being self employed include:

  • Choosing the hours you work
  • Opportunity to maximise your earnings with greater tax benefits
  • Only take on the projects that you want

For more information on how much you could take home as a freelance web designer, please use our take home pay calculator.

Finding work as a web designer

Whilst there are an abundance of people and businesses in need of the services of a web designer, it’s a highly competitive industry. As with anything, if you can market your business successfully, you shouldn't have too many problems attracting new clients. The easiest place to start is by telling your family and friends about your business and what services you offer. It might be an idea to give discounts to your first few clients to encourage them to spread a positive word about your business.

One of the quickest ways to drum up some business is to talk to local businesses. Does the local florist have a portfolio website where people can contact them directly? If not, go and talk to them and make them aware of your services. Make sure you get some leaflets and business cards designed so that people will be able to contact you.

Formulating partnerships with graphic design agencies and freelancers can also be a good way of generating business. Graphic designers will have a number of clients who come to them for design work, but there will be a point when their clients need a website and that is something that the agency or freelancer can outsource to you. You will most likely have to lower your rates when working with other freelancers and agencies as they'll need to add on their fee to the end client. However, that being said, you are getting access to a wealth of potential new clients without having to do any marketing whatsoever.

There a number of freelance websites, such as People Per Hour, where freelancers can bid on jobs online. People will post jobs like "I need a 5 page website designed" and freelancers can apply by outlining their experience and stating how much they would charge for the project. Make sure that you have a good portfolio to attach to your application so that the prospective client can see exactly what you are capable of. It can take time to build up a strong reputation on such sites, but you have access to hundreds of potential projects without even leaving your chair.

You’ll also need to design a website for yourself. Make sure you add an impressive portfolio feature displaying all of your previous projects so that prospective clients can see exactly what they can expect from you.

It is important to remember that all marketing communications should include your full name, address, mobile number, home or office number, email address and a link to your website. The more ways that your clients can contact you, the more it will help them build up their trust in you, especially if they have never met you before.

How Easy Accountancy can help

At Easy Accountancy we offer all inclusive fixed fee packages that cover all of your business and personal taxation needs, starting from just £60 per month. We’ll free up your time and take a weight off your shoulders so that you can focus on the day to day running of your business.

Each package comes with your own dedicated accountant who you can call and email as much as you'd like, so you never need to worry about asking us any taxation questions, as we promise to never charge you a penny extra for the privilege. 

For more information or to speak to one of our friendly accountants, email or call 01442 275767.

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As a sole trader our fees start at just £60 + VAT a month, for this you receive the above plus:
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