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Accountants for Landlords

Whether it’s through a residential or commercial property, if you receive income from letting a property you need to declare it.

A good accountant for landlords will be able to take care of all your accountancy needs and will ensure that your accountancy records are kept up to date so that you never miss a deadline.

Buy to Let Landlords

Buy to let purchases have long been a popular way of investing your hard earned money especially when you consider the state of pensions and stocks and shares in recent years, so it’s no surprise that more people are choosing to invest in property.

If you are considering going down the buy to let route there are number of factors that you need to consider before making an investment:


  • Remember that your investment is long-term.
  • Research the local market i.e. how much do properties sell for and what would attract a tenant to the area.
  • Do your sums and understand exactly what regular expenses you will incur as a landlord.
  • Consider developing the interior of properties to make them more attractive to tenants.


  • Purchase a property with serious maintenance requirements.
  • Cut corners with any legal documentation such as tenancy agreements.

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Which property is the right investment?

Buying a property to rent is a completely different to purchasing a property for you and your family. You need to focus more on what the local market wants rather than what appeals most to you personally.

What happens if you want to sell the property?

You’ll be required to pay Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on the eventual sale. CGT is calculated by taking the original cost of the property, legal fees and any capital improvements made to the property and deducting them from the money received from the sale.

Holiday Lettings

Another type of letting to consider is Furnished Holiday Letting, also known as FHL. This comprises of renting out a property for a short period of time to holiday goers as opposed to the residential or corporate market.

Much like when purchasing a property for the residential and commercial markets, you need to think about what holiday makers will value the most about a rental property. If you are purchasing a property on the coast, how long does it take to walk to the beach? How many bedrooms will you need? Will the property require much maintenance?

Before you choose to go down the FHL route, you need to be aware of the main advantages and disadvantages:


  • As you won’t have permanent tenants you can take a holiday in the property yourself or make it available to family and friends.
  • Rules for allowable expenditure are generally more generous than residential properties.


  • Holiday lettings tend to have higher agency and advertising costs.
  • Greater investment will be required for maintenance (i.e. regular cleaning).

If you would like any further advice on the financial side of things please speak to one of our friendly accountants on 01442 275 767 or email

Property Tax Advice

When you think about purchasing a property, an initial decision needs to be made as to whether you purchase the property as an individual, via a company, or via a partnership (usually with a spouse).

Determining which route to take will depend on a number of factors and there are also significant tax differences between purchasing as an individual or via a company. Our expert accountants will be able to talk to you in more detail but we have summarised the main points below.

Purchasing commercial property

Say you are currently trading as a limited company and need some new office space. You can personally purchase the offices and any other buildings you need and invoice your company rent each month for the privilege of using the buildings. The tax benefits of this approach include:

  • The company will be able to claim corporate tax deduction from the rent paid.
  • The rental income you personally receive can be extracted without the payment of National Insurance.

Purchasing residential or FHL property

Determining who should own a residential or FHL property isn’t as straightforward as purchasing a commercial property, it depends largely on your overall financial objectives, such as:

  • Do you intend to sell the property? If so, when? 
  • Do you want to purchase similar properties in the future? 
  • Do you own a company at present?

Even if you already own a company, it might still be more tax efficient to purchase the property personally as you will be able to utilise your annual CGT exemption on the eventual sale of the property.

On the other hand, a company can still make use of allowances to reduce a capital gain, so it’s worth speaking to an accountant to see which route is most appropriate for you.

Our Accountants for Landlords

At Easy Accountancy, we offer fixed-fee accountancy packages from as little as £60 +vat per month. You’ll receive a dedicated accountant who will be able to provide you with advice on how to structure your investment correctly, make you aware of any financial difficulties that may arise and also file your accounts and returns to HMRC.

For more information on how Easy Accountancy can help, please speak to one of our friendly accountants by calling 0500 234111 / 01442 275767 or emailing

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Why Clients Choose Easy Accountancy

Easy Accountancy offers a low cost, fixed fee accountancy package with all clients receiving their own dedicated, friendly, approachable accountant.

All of our accountants specialise in providing accountancy services to the self-employed, freelancers, sole traders, small to medium sized limited companies and private individuals. All accountants are employees of Easy Accountancy and we never outsource or offshore work.

Our low cost, all-inclusive fixed-fee accountancy service includes unlimited access to your own dedicated accountant throughout the year and covers all your business and personal tax affairs needs.

All our accountancy services include:
  - Unlimited access to your accountant
  - Ongoing advice on how to manage your business
  - Proactive tax advice throughout the year
  - Updates and reminders so you'll never miss a deadline
  - Free bookkeeping software

As a sole trader our fees start at just £60 + VAT a month, for this you receive the above plus:
  - Completion of your Self-Assessment tax return
  - Advice on how much Income Tax to pay
  - Guidance on National Insurance contributions

As a limited company our fixed fee packages are bespoke to your needs, however typically you’ll receive the above, plus:
  - Completion of your year end accounts*
  - Completion and submission of your annual return Companies House
  - The director/s Self Assessment tax return
  - Payroll bureau
  - Dividends and corporation tax computations

We’ve saved our clients up to half on their accountancy bills – if you’d like a quote, click on the quote me button to the right of this page. Alternatively, call us on 01442 275767 or email

*If you would like us to complete your company year end accounts we simply ask that you have been a client of Easy Accountancy for one year or have made 12 monthly payments.