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  • The Easy guide to small business branding

    Branding is a hard thing to quantify, and even harder thing to do well. Our beginner’s guide looks at some of the key concepts.

  • The Easy guide to finding contract work

    Finding work when you start out as a contractor can feel like an uphill struggle. We’ve put together a list of tips to get you on-track to winning the contracts you want.

  • The top recruitment agencies for IT contractors

    Recruitment agencies remain one of the most effective ways of finding new contracts. To help you make your next experience with a recruitment agency a fruitful one, we’ve put together a list of the best in the business.

  • 6 essential networking tips for freelancers and contractors

    Do you have a fear of networking events? You’re not alone. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of top tips to help you turn your worries into business wins.

  • How to scale your freelance business in 5 simple steps

    Freelancing offers you a level of freedom that full-time employment just can’t match. But once you’re established, how can you encourage growth? Here, we look at 5 ways to help you scale your freelance business.

  • Creating a website for your business

    Developing an online presence can take your business to the next level.  Our guide explores how to create a website to give you the edge over your competitors.

  • How to market your company for (almost) free!

    In the early days of a new business, budgets can be tight.  Our guide explores ways to market your business without breaking the bank.

  • Self employed guide to Social Media

    Social media can be a free tool for advertising and securing business if used well.  Where do you start when looking to build your social media presence as a small business?

  • LinkedIn for the Self Employed and Freelancers

    Using Linkedin to build relationships and business connections can have huge benefit to Self Employed workers.

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